Invitación a coordinar o someter artículos a un Research Topic en la Revista Frontiers in Immunology.


Brief Overview of Research Topics

About Research Topics

Research Topics are article collections that are directly organized by investigators in the field based around a theme of their own choice. A Research Topic can consist of different article types, including Original Research and Reviews: all manuscripts submitted undergo peer-review and accepted articles are published within the journal online without any embargo period and without waiting for the collection to be officially concluded. Each Research Topic has a dedicated webpage through which individual articles and the e-book of the complete collection can be accessed free-of-charge. You can find examples here:

NK cell subsets in health and disease: new developments hosted by Drs. Luigi Notarangelo, Emanuela Marcenaro, Jordan Orange and Eric Vivier.

Immunity to Malaria and Vaccine Strategies, hosted by Drs. Kevin Couper, Julius Clemence Hafalla, Noah Butler and Ashraful Haque

Emerging Viruses: Host Immunity and Novel Therapeutic Interventions hosted by Drs. Alan Chen-Yu Hsu, Ding (Thomas) Oh, Anna Smed-Sorensen and Hiroyuki Oshiumi

The Role of an Editor of a Research Topic

The organizers of a Research Topic act as handling editors for manuscripts submitted to their collection, without necessarily submitting manuscripts themselves (this is optional). All Research Topics typically have a team of two to four Topic Editors to share the editorial responsibilities involved. You would work as a team to fully define the scope and list of potential authors for your Topic, hence shaping the content of the project.

The general timeline of a Research Topic is 6-9 months from initial launch to completion and consists of an optional abstract submission period of 1-2 months, followed by a manuscript submission period of 3-4 months on average.

Once the review process for all manuscripts submitted within the collection is finalized, the Topic Editors are welcome to collectively prepare a short editorial article, to convey to the readers the aims and objectives of the project. If 10 or more articles are accepted for publication, an eBook of the project will be produced.


About Frontiers in Immunology

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